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For those interested in the Annotation Working Group, please see below for
an email from Doug on behalf of the W3C staff and chairs regarding

In particular please note that:

* Given the amazing response we've had from the community in terms of
participation, we've decided to hold off on having any Invited Experts at
this point in time.

* Also, please note the areas that you do not need to be a W3C member to
participate in, including especially "reading and participating in the
technical email discussions".  That list is:
Which you should be able to subscribe to *without* joining the working

Participation both here in the Community Group and on the public Working
Group list will be a strong indicator for people who we will invite to be
IEs in the future, as and when needed.

Many thanks,


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From: Doug Schepers <schepers@w3.org>
Date: Mon, Sep 22, 2014 at 11:58 AM
Subject: Web Annotation Invited Experts
To: Annotation <public-annotation@w3.org>

Hi, folks–

We've gotten several applications for Invited Experts to the Web Annotation
WG. We appreciate the interest and enthusiasm.

Because we've gotten overwhelming response to the Web Annotation WG
already, with a very large number of attendees on the telcons (25+
people!), we are not accepting Invited Expert applications right now.

We'll re-evaluate the situation in a few months when things settle down,
and we know what the telcons and mailing list activity will look like.

In the meantime, everyone is welcome to join the technical discussion on
the mailing list. Because this is a public working group, most of the
activities available to members are also available to the community,
* reviewing and commenting on specifications
* reading and participating in the technical email discussions
* contributing use-cases and requirements
* contributing tests
* filing Formal Objections on technical decisions (though we hope it
doesn't come to this :P)

(If you have relevant IP, you can even grant Royalty-Free patent licenses
by filling out a form, but at that point, perhaps you should consider
joining W3C.)

Unless invited under special circumstances, the public cannot join telcons
or attend f2f meetings (though they can read the minutes for all meetings),
edit the specifications, or answer polls or calls for consensus. Those
privileges are restricted to W3C members or Invited Experts.

When we begin to evaluate Invited Expert applications, we will look at
several criteria for each individual:

* Fills a known gap in the current WG (such as expert knowledge,
industry/research ratio)
* Proven ability to participate politely, constructively, and with strong
technical ability (for example, through participation in the public mailing
* Implementer of an Annotation project or product (especially Open
Annotation support)
* Willing and able to participate at a level beyond regular WG members
(such as test lead, editor, permanent scribe)

If you feel that you meet these criteria, and that public participation is
insufficient, and your organization (if any) is unable to join W3C, then
contact the WG chairs and staff contacts about Invited Expert status at the
proper time.

You can read more about working group roles and our work mode in our wiki

Thanks for understanding, and we look forward to an active community

[1] https://www.w3.org/annotation/wiki/Roles_and_Work_Mode


Rob Sanderson
Technology Collaboration Facilitator
Digital Library Systems and Services
Stanford, CA 94305

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