Individuals in W3C Survey

Dear all,

Today the W3C opened a public survey to gauge interest in building a
program that
gives individual developers a greater voice within W3C.

Given the success and widespread engagement of this community group (and
many other similar groups), and the formation of the Annotation working
group with currently far, far fewer members, it seems like a great
opportunity to engage with W3C management in helping to show how valued
individual contributions are in the web standards space.  Without *your*
work in this CG, there would be no annotations draft, and no community
leading the charge towards full standardization.

We are seeking both your input and your help in spreading the word.
The survey is open to the public and closes on 30 September:

The blog post that accompanied the launch of the survey is available here:

And, a related nag ... if you're at a W3C member institution, please do
join the Annotation Working Group.  Our first call is next Wednesday, 17th
of September, and we'd very much appreciate your continued engagement!

Many thanks,


Rob Sanderson
Technology Collaboration Facilitator
Digital Library Systems and Services
Stanford, CA 94305

Received on Wednesday, 10 September 2014 17:41:29 UTC