Re: Converting annotations stored in the PDF into open annotation standard


On Wed, Sep 3, 2014 at 1:45 PM, Benjamin Young <> wrote:
> From what little I know, the PDF annotation are really just another layer of
> PDF content. They're stored as "Annot" dictionaries on the actual Page.
> Outside of positioning on the page, not much in those objects (from a quick
> read) seem to give one the ability to re-anchor those annotations on another
> representation...sadly.

The issue I see is that there are two things (if I use Mac OS X
Preview to do them):
- highlights
- annotations

Highlights are for example drawn by PDF.js even if you don't enable
annotation support. They are also not returned through their
annotations API. So for me it seems that they are stored differently.
Also annotations looks like that have only rectangle locations
defined, while drawn highlights can follow the text nicely.

So I wonder how those highlights are stored. Once we get them somehow
from PDF.js, we can look into how to convert them to open annotation
standard. But for now I don't see a way how to extract them from
PDF.js. I would love if they would be part of what their annotation
API returns.



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