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Re: Style

From: Bernhard Haslhofer <bernhard.haslhofer@cornell.edu>
Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2012 13:18:17 -0400
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To: Robert Sanderson <azaroth42@gmail.com>
Cc: Bob Morris <morris.bob@gmail.com>, "shannon.bradshaw@gmail.com" <shannon.bradshaw@gmail.com>, Randall Leeds <randall.leeds@gmail.com>, public-openannotation <public-openannotation@w3.org>

> If anyone has a real solution to that practical issue, I'd love to
> hear it.

short answer: if you really need to define the color of fragment
boundaries, use SVG selectors.

> Otherwise I would recommend following the consensus of the
> first telecon, documented in the wiki:
>     We keep oa:Style and add oax:CssStyle as the only subclass.
....but I guess I can live with this compromise, even though I'd strongly
recommend against using it for the reasons Bob and others already mentioned.


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