Re: F2F Decision: Multiple Resources - questionable example?

Hi Rob, Paolo,

Quick reaction on this one:

> _:x a oa:Annotation ;
>   oa:hasBody <choice1> ;
>   oa:hasTarget <ny-times-article> .
> <choice1>  a oa:Choice ;
>    oa:default<comment-in-french>  ;
>    oa:item<comment-in-english>  ;
>    oa:item<comment-in-spanish>  .

The example may need further explanation before I can really judge, but I don't like what it's hinting at. For translations, one would indeed expect to use a single resource for the comment, and then several language-tagged literals:
  _:x a oa:Annotation ;
   oa:hasBody <multilingualcomment> ;
   oa:hasTarget <ny-times-article> .

<multilingualcomment> rdfs:label "comment-in-french"@fr ;
   rdfs:label "comment-in-english"@en ;
   rdfs:label "comment-in-spanish"@es .

Unless you want to have more data, about each translation (e.g. if they were contributed by different people). But probably this would make the example too complex!
It like much better Bob's example on species [1].




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