Re: RDFS schema files

On Jun 19, 2012, at 1:56 , Bob Morris wrote:

> So please, please, would someone point me at something in an RDF/XML
> spec that I can understand implies that entity references must be
> expanded;

Bob, the short answer is yes, this is common practice in W3C specs. 
See the OWL DTD at for an authoritative example.
Make sure you have the "view source" option on, because many browsers will do the entity expansion already for you (!).

The longer answer is "yes, but": the entities need to be defined in the internal DTD part of the file,
that is, in the square bracketed part of the 

<!DOCTYPE rdf:RDF [ 
<!-- entity defs go here --> 

Applications are not obliged to process external DTD files as in in the old SGML days.

Hope this helps,


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