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OpenActive Booking Specification - Finalisation Schedule

From: Nick Evans <nick.evans@theodi.org>
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2019 00:10:35 +0000
Message-ID: <CABCNhnkcS5y6LfxEh-O1PpkkCY9vpSL9vfHaM4i-hojsrZgvzA@mail.gmail.com>
To: public-openactive@w3.org
Hello OpenActive W3C Community,

Thank you to everyone who has contributed over the last year to the
evolution of the Open Booking specification.

As discussed in the last call (catchups available on demand
<https://w3c.openactive.io/meetings/2019-02-13-booking-feedback>), we are
now at the stage of seeking final implementation-level feedback on the Open
Booking specification - and what better time to join if you've not yet got
stuck in!

Please find the latest draft here:

We would like to make a formal request for *Booking Systems* and *Brokers*
in the community to each engage in an exercise to design the changes
required for your own system to meet the Open Booking specification. We
also encourage prototyping where possible.

This design step will allow developers from implementing organisations to
deeply engage with the specification, and provide us with any feedback they
have as they do so, which will allow us to make any refinements necessary
to publish the final version of the specification.

*Please reply directly to this e-mail if you are interested in

To highlight the following key dates in what remains of the process:

   - *27 February 2pm - W3C Call (tomorrow)* - Overview of remaining issues
   to check agreement on direction taken (search "Issue" in the specification)
   and other changes made based on feedback
   - *4 March - Open Booking 1.0CR spec release* - Candidate Release of
   Open Booking spec
   - *13 March** 2pm **- W3C Call -* Full technical walkthrough, designed
   for developers looking to implement the specification
   - *27 March** 2pm* *- W3C Call -* Q&A for developers who are working
   through designs for implementation, and discussion of any revisions based
   on feedback
   - *10 April **2pm **- W3C Call -* Q&A for developers who are working
   through designs for implementation, and discussion of any revisions based
   on feedback
   - *12 April **- Open Booking 1.0 submitted for release - *Final 1.0
   released with request for community to sign-off final version (and to speak
   now or forever hold your peace)
   - *26 April **- W3C CG Ratification via "Final Report" - *Final 1.0
   published, assuming no objections

Please use the following link to join the calls:
https://zoom.us/j/3906833882 (Audio-only available via: +44 203 695
0088 Meeting ID: 390 683 3882)

In parallel we will be seeking higher-level feedback from *Sellers *(i.e.
the customers of the Booking Systems), *Booking Systems* and *Brokers *to
confirm that our understanding of consensus on the scope and features of
V1.0 still holds at this stage - noting that future versions will include
additional functionality.

As always any feedback on any of the above very welcome.

Many thanks,



Nick Evans

Associate & Sector Specialist

Open Data Institute <http://theodi.org/> | +447813318661
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