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RE: Activity List

From: Raymond de Bourbon <RdeBourbon@omnicogroup.com>
Date: Wed, 10 May 2017 10:14:23 +0000
To: Jade Moulden <jade@emduk.org>, "public-openactive@w3.org" <public-openactive@w3.org>
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Hi All,

Having looked at the draft list too, I have to say that I concur with Jades first couple of points.

1.       The current top level seems "too vague" and I think is largely going to be "ignored" by developers/integrators. I think that this vagueness stems from the fact that conceptually the line between "Sport" and "Physical Activity" is already vague. There are many examples of "Physical Activities" that become classified as "Sports" when a competition level element is factored in.

2.       Further to Jade's comments on the searching of the hierarchical list - I think that the specifics of this should be down to each integrator to handle. SKOS allows for the flexible hierarchy that we desire, and it would be pretty simple to allow a free text search across the entire vocabulary without requiring the user to be concerned about what level in the hierarchy they need to specifically need to search.

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From: Jade Moulden [mailto:jade@emduk.org]
Sent: 10 May 2017 10:24
To: public-openactive@w3.org
Subject: Activity List

Hi all, I have had a look at the activity list before our call today and here is my feedback....

-          I believe that the top level should be the current level 2 with the sport/physical activity classification being a tag that could create a collection/group. There is too much cross over/grey areas to distinctly categorise into one or the other. We would want to avoid people creating their search tools with these distinct lists as they are not helpful to the consumer who generally will not know/care if something is a sport or physical activity.

-          I have seen in some of the feedback that there is concern about whether the current level 2 should be the top list as the consumer may not recognise these terms. I would suggest that these lists are to provide a template for data sharing but do not define how the lists should be used so this should not be an issue. For example if a search tool is being created the developer could choose to create their search against level 3 and not display level 2. In our case (EMD UK) we have the ability to search at level 2 (if you don't know the specifics) or level 3 (if you do).

-          In terms of the level 3 I would suggest that in order to publish at this level we need to first consult with the relevant authorities to ensure the categories that we have are correct. It could be that level 2 is published and level 3 as a open 'come and tell us if it's wrong'.

-          Unless I have missed it I think that the current Physical Activity list is missing sections on workouts i.e. treadmill, weight training etc. I will get in contact with UK Active on this on to consult/get them on board as they represent the leisure operators. I have already primed them so they know it may be coming.

-          The multi fitness group exercise lists have been missed off/haven't been transferred across - cross fit is in this list so needs to be removed as its own level 2.

Hope that this helps!

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