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Introduction, Makesweat, Activity list

From: Nick Bailey <nick@makesweat.com>
Date: Sun, 2 Jul 2017 13:15:28 +0100
To: public-openactive@w3.org
Message-ID: <3371ca7e-780a-e0f1-3b66-c56252212845@makesweat.com>
Hi all,

Makesweat.com is a recent joiner to Open Active. We provide an 
end-to-end platform that makes it easy for any sports club to publish 
and take payments for their events and sessions online, as well as 
upgrade their websites or Facebook by using our widgets to list events. 
All the functionality of Mindbodyonline, targetted at the amateur and 
smaller provider, with much lower cost and very simple to run in a club 
and for attendees to use.

We are in use with several amateur and commercial activity providers in 
the London area. We have been working with Nick Evans to publish all the 
events listed by our customers onto Open Active, including live places, 
attendance and 'offers' (passes/cost). We're also working with London 
Sport. We aim to provide all the same listing functionality as Open 
Sessions for publishing to Open Active, except we also take payments and 
our customers can run their club from Makesweat.

We haven't made a huge amount of use of activities on Makesweat thus 
far, and propose to adopt the Open Active Activity List as our master 
list. This means our customers will need to attach at least one activity 
to each session listed on Makesweat, leading to high quality and easily 
classifiable events. As new activities are added to the Open Active 
list, they'll be available to our customers.

Forgive me if I've not seen it, but the activity list doesn't appear to 
include 'social', 'retreat' or 'holiday' activities, which are 
absolutely key to any sports provider. After-squash drinks, yoga 
holidays and Christmas dinners will all appear on customer calendars. It 
might be that an event is both 'Triathlon' as well as well as 'Social'.

I'd be grateful for comments. My point is that a Christmas lunch is 
never the same as say a tennis session, so shouldn't be solely 
classified as the sport it's attached to.



Founder, Makesweat.com
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