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CfP: International Workshop on Completing and Debugging the Semantic Web (CODES 2016)

From: Heiko Paulheim <heiko@informatik.uni-mannheim.de>
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 2016 15:50:17 +0100
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CoDeS 2016

International Workshop on
Completing and Debugging the Semantic Web

May 29 or 30, 2016
Heraklion, Greece


co-located with ESWC 2016 (http://2016.eswc-conferences.org/)


Developing ontologies and Semantic Web data sets is not an easy task 
and, as the ontologies and data sets grow in size, they are likely to 
show a number of defects (wrong information as well as omissions). Such 
ontologies and data sets, although often useful, also lead to problems 
when used in semantically-enabled applications. Wrong conclusions may be 
derived or valid conclusions may be missed. Further, during the recent 
years, more and more mappings both between ontologies as well as 
entities in the Linked Open Data cloud have been generated, e.g., using 
ontology alignment and/or entity linking systems, forming a linked 
network of data sets and ontologies. This has led to a new opportunity 
to deal with defects, as links between datasets and ontologies may be 
exploited for debugging, or the interlinks between them. On the other 
hand, it also has introduced a new difficulty as the mappings may not 
always be correct and need to be debugged themselves. Also the linked 
data level may contain wrong information and omissions in the data as 
well as the links.

Defects can take different forms. Syntactic defects are usually easy to 
find and to resolve. Defects regarding style include such things as 
unintended redundancy. More interesting and severe defects are the 
modeling defects which require domain knowledge to detect and resolve 
such as defects in the structure, and semantic defects such as 
unsatisfiable concepts and inconsistent ontologies.

Topics of interest

This workshop intends to be a forum where issues related to completing 
and debugging the Semantic Web are discussed. Topics of interest 
include, but are not limited to:
* detecting and repairing defects in ontologies
* detecting and repairing defects in linked data
* detecting and repairing defects in mappings
* debugging and completing ontology networks and modular ontologies
* ontology alignment and repair of alignments
* justifications, belief revision, ontology patterns for debugging
* user support for ontology debugging and completion
* visualization and user interfaces for debugging and completion
* case studies

Important dates
* Submission: March 4, 2016
* Notification: April 1, 2016
* Camera-ready: April 15, 2016
* Workshop: May 29 or 30, 2016
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