Re: Reminder, telco today on decomposition module


I know it is too late for this, but Lupe and I were having a look at the 
model, and we are struck by the following doubt:

What is the benefit of having the property subterm pointing to another 
LexicalEntry? What is it that you can say with that property that cannot 
be said with Components??
In the paragraph below you talk about the limitations of subterm, but 
you do not say what the benefits of having it are, or what you can 
represent with that property that cannot be represented by Components, etc.

"The use of the property /subterm/ has two limitations. First, we can 
not indicate inflectional properties of the lexical entry when appearing 
as a subterm of another term. Further and most importantly we can not 
indicate the order of subterms within a compound lexical entry. For 
this, the model defines the the class Component, which represents a part 
of a lexical entry and allows to add additional information describing 
the use of the lexical entry in a compound. A component is declared as a 
subclass of rdf:sequence as it can be understood as an ordered list of 

We think that an explanation on this sense is needed.
Talk to you in a minute!


El 29/05/2015 a las 10:48, Philipp Cimiano escribió:
> Dear all,
>  this is a gentle reminder for our telco on the decomposition module 
> today at 16:00 CET.
> Access details can be found here:
> I have added to the agenda all points raised by Manuel (thanks 
> Manuel!). I have not received any other issues to discuss.
> Kind regards,
> Philipp.

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