RE: next telco and todos

Dear all,

> Anyway, I had previously updated the requirements for lexical resources,
> John, if you want to discuss my updates let's do it on the list.
> As I said last time, we shouldn't concentrate in representing WordNet or
> other specific resource: fo rmany of them, work has been done and we do
> need to redo it again.
> However, we need to abstract from the requirements coming those resources
> in order to make them as interoperable as possible without unnecessary
> complexity.
> Aldo

May I contribute to that req or the wiki is intended for the main
investigators of each requirement section? (maybe in the section discussion
of the page?). I had some ideas about interoperability, in the spirit of:

surely they can be modeled better (supporting linguistic interoperability in
software tools was the aim there, and no a rigorous lexical model), but I
think that is the thing Aldo is hinting to, too.



P.S. In any case I'll be off for 3 days due to a project final meeting, but
can go over it on Friday or the following week

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