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Hi All --

I'm really interested in this topic.  But, I think it's broader than just "on-boarding".  Is there a reason, Dom, that you guys gave it that title?  Do you really want to limit it?

As you all probably know, I'm very keen on the question of how to encourage  and enable more participation -- which also includes the inverse concept of how do we reduce barriers to participation.  This is pertinent when someone "on-boards" (that is, begins with W3C) -- but it's also an issue that continues the full time one is in W3C.

To that end, I am also supposed to be leading an Advisory Board task force on participation.  

Side explanation:  [I say "supposed to be" in that I have been too busy since we came back from Shenzhen to do anything at all in this space.  My dad died a few weeks after we came back & I'm the executor of his estate.  (It's OK; he was very old and lived a wonderful life.)  And we had a massive re-org, resulting in 3 new layers of management -- all of whom need this and that from me as they come up to speed.]

So, on the short term I've been hugely distracted.  But that should all be settling down, and I expect to be able to get back to this topic, which is very interesting to me.

I also would like to suggest that the Webizen project is related to participation.  It's participation from a different angle, but seems like we should maybe collapse all these projects into one.  Especially the AB task force and this Headlights effort, pending if this needs to remain focused on actual "on-boarding".

As for other participants -- Coralie has always been interested in this effort.  I can come up with a list of other names (members) who we can approach, but I'll have to compile it more thoughtfully.  

  -- Ann

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> Hi all,
> As far as I can tell, 3 persons (beyond myself) have subscribed to this
> list: Ann Bassetti, Art Barstow and Frode Kileng — thanks a lot for
> signing up!
> As you might have seen, I have started a page on the W3C wiki that will
> serve as a home for our work:

> In particular, it documents some of the ideas I have had while musing
> about this problem space.
> But before we dive into this, could I ask each of you to indicate what
> they expect to contribute to this project? In particular, I'm interested
> to hear how much effort you think you might dedicate to it (from "just
> watching" to "driving it").
> Also, if you have names of other people we might want to sign up to this
> effort, I'm all ear — the more, the merrier :)
> Thanks again,
> Dom

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