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On Jan 24, 2014 5:31 PM, "Simon St.Laurent" <> wrote:
> On 1/24/14 4:50 PM, Ambrose Little wrote:
>> Honestly, I donít think we should be arguing about separation of content
>> and style at this point/in this group, nor semantics from structure.
>> That feels like a long dead horse, as far as the Web is concerned. And
>> the focus should be on what comes next for the Web. How can we build
>> upon, tweak, and improve the groundwork we have to facilitate rapid
>> application development? What do we need in the framework? What do we
>> need in the tools and how can the framework enable those?
> Yet again, I'm puzzled.
> I thought this group was focused on polyfills and extending the browser
using the tools available within it.

The aims of this group are, yes focused on advocating and discussing
polyfills and prollyfills - and advocacy that enables this, for significant
reasons and in ways described on  Actually, i
would say the majority of work is applying this advocacy i.

 From my perspective, the very separation of concerns this derides as a
dead horse is what makes polyfills and browser extensions possible without
infinite tangles.
> Based on this message, though, it seems like the "next web" perspective
is something much more severe, leaning toward throwing over the things that
have worked in the past in favor of rapid application development.
> Is that really the purpose of this group?
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> Simon St.Laurent

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