FW: Group updates and Technical Demos for TPAC 2021

Dear IG members,

For this years' Virtual TPAC 2021, we would like to invite proposals for demos of the technologies you are working on related to Web & Networks. If you are interested, please contact the Chairs or W3C staff in copy.

For the demo proposal, we would need the following details by September 15th:
- proposed title of the demo 
- brief description of what the demo is about

The recorded videos can be sent by September 27th. 

Please see email below for more details.

Co-Chair of Web & Networks IG

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Subject: Group updates and Technical Demos for TPAC 2021

Dear Chairs,

As in previous years [1], as part of TPAC, Marie-Claire Forgue and I are calling for W3C groups to produce short videos to share updates from your group's work and/or technical demos illustrating the latest developments in your groups that would benefit from being shared with the broader W3C community. These videos can also serve as background material for some of the TPAC breakouts and group meetings.

If someone in your group is willing to record such a video, please contact us with the name of the volunteer by September 15 (sooner is better); for demos, we will also want a proposed title of the demo and ideally a description of what the demo will be about. We would then expect to receive the recorded videos by September 27th for publication after post-processing around October 1st.

Based on the experience from last year, we've built a collection of best practices to help build impactful videos (esp. demos):


We're also happy to receive suggestion for additional best practices that you think would help improve this effort.

Many thanks for your contributions in bringing more exposure to the import work your groups are pushing forward!


1. https://www.w3.org/2020/10/TPAC/group-updates.html#intro

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