Network emulation repo

Dear all,

Following the discussions on our call last month [1], and based on
further input from people interested on the topic, I have created a
dedicated repo to collect use cases and requirements around a possible
format to collect and use network traces in the context of the network
emulation for browsers:

I have created 4 files there:
* where I hope we can describe in more details how such a
capability would be used and in what scenarios; I have seeded it with a
very high level skeleton, but I hope those who showed interest on the
topic (Ed, Jonas, Piers, Song, possibly Patrick) can suggest edits (via
pull requests or otherwise) to make the document a good basis for a
deeper analysis of that space

* and where I thought we could capture
existing tools both in the emulation & capture space - the purpose is to
know who to reach out if indeed we confirm there is value in a new
format in this space

* where we could collect information on existing
formats, to understand if indeed anything new is needed here (vs
re-using or improving an existing one)

All of this is very much up for revision - I wanted to give us concrete
starting points, but I'm not at all married to that particular structure
and approach, so feel free to suggest different ones.

Generally speaking, contributions to this repo as issues and pull
requests would be very much welcomed!




Received on Friday, 2 April 2021 09:38:50 UTC