RE: Web & Networks IG First Conf Call Time slot Doodle Poll

Hi all,

A gentle reminder to vote in the doodle poll, if you are available next week.
Link below:


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Subject: Web & Networks IG First Conf Call Time slot Doodle Poll

Dear all,

We have created a Doodle Poll to identify a time slot for the W3C Web & Networks Interest Group Kick-off Teleconference Call. 

Kindly let us know your availability for the listed time-slots using the link below

If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to contact me/Song Xu/Dan.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards
Sudeep (on behalf of Web & Networks IG Chairs)

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Subject: Welcome, meetings and intros

Dear all,

Welcome to the Web & Networks Interest Group!

The group was chartered [1] a few weeks ago [2], and the Chairs and I now feel we have enough participants signed up to begin our work in earnest.

We will soon share a Doodle to try and identify a time for a first teleconference the last week of June, both as a meet-and-greet, and as an opportunity to kick start some of our tasks.

Beyond that teleconference and other ones we hope to organize over the summer, please note that the Interest Group will have its first face to face meeting in September as part of the W3C all-groups meeting (TPAC):

In particular, the registration for TPAC has opened, and the early bird registration ends on June 21:

Beyond these practical considerations, I would like all the current participants to the Interest Group to take a couple of minutes to introduce themselves on the list to help us better understand the diversity of skills and experiences we can build on, as well as the specific motivations that made you join this new group.

To help that process, let me start by introducing myself!

I'm Dominique Hazael-Massieux, I have been part of the W3C Staff since 2000, have been involved in a number of projects and teams there. I am currently a staff contact for the Web Real-Time Communications Working Group [3], the Immersive Web Working Group [4] (dealing with AR & VR on the Web), and will service as staff contact for this interest group, working with our three co-chairs (Dan Druta, Song Xu, and Sudeep
Divakaran) in ensuring we achieve our shared goals with the group.

More specifically, my work in WebRTC and Immersive Web has highlighted a number of cases where a better cooperation between applications and networks could lead to much better user experiences, which was one of the triggers for me to organize last year (with Eric Siow) the Web5G

I'm keen on working with you in understanding how all the innovations happening at the network layer (5G, MEC, MPTCP, QUIC, etc) can work in an harmonious fashion with all the innovation coming from the app layer (AR, VR, IoT, AI & ML, etc).

I'm looking forward to hearing from the rest of you!

Best regards,

Dominique Hazael-Massieux, aka Dom





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