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WCTMB2 tests (ACTION-75)

From: Dominique Hazael-Massieux <dom@w3.org>
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 2009 11:27:41 +0200
To: public-mwts@w3.org
Message-Id: <1254216461.4708.2180.camel@localhost>

As per my action items, here are a few ideas for WCTMB2 tests:
 * Geolocation support:
  return (window.navigator && typeof(window.navigator.geolocation)!
='undefined' && typeof(window.navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition)!
='undefined') ;

 * assuming we add manifest attribute to the <html>, we could add
testing for support of the Application Cache feature with
  return (typeof(window.applicationCache)!="undefined" &&
(that's probably what Kai had in mind for his ACTION-72)

 * I think it would be nice to text inline-SVG, but since I don't have a
browser currently installed that supports it, I don't know how to build
a good test for it

 * testing a few of the new input types; e.g.
adding the following input in the test document:
<p><input id="date" type="date" name="testdate"
max="2009-09-29T00:00:00.000Z" /></p>
(and presumably hiding it using CSS), we can test it is recognized as
date input and doing proper values check with:
  inputDate = document.getElementById("date");
  if (inputDate.type=="date") {
     forbiddenValues = ["foo","1977-04-04"];
     for (val in forbiddenValues) { 
	inputDate.value = val;
     	if (inputDate.value=="foo") {
		return false;
     inputDate.value = "2009-01-01";
     if (inputDate.value!="2009-01-01") {
	return false;
     return true;
  return false;

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