Comments on DI Guidelines

Le mardi 07 octobre 2008 à 17:29 +0200, Dominique Hazael-Massieux a
> and the resulting HTML can be browsed at:

As a high level comment, I think the guidelines should strictly focus on
the "device-independent" aspect, rather than general guidance on what's
good or not in test cases (since there are already plenty of
documentation on this, with the css testing guidelines being a pretty
good point of reference indeed).

Some of the guidelines in the current document are clearly relevant to
that general direction ("Special Fonts", "short", "scrolling and
pagination"), but others are I think too generic ("Naming conventions",
"Unobvious tests", "validity", "error conditions").

I would expect to see specific indications on:
 * providing a harness that loads a test case one at a time rather than
many at once (based on our experience with the automated DOM test
 * not providing a lot of technical explications in the text given the
limited screen estate available (based on our comments on SVG tiny test
 * providing an easy but non-obtrusive navigation across test cases
(similar to the service provided by the mwi test harness)

I'll try to take a stab at it this week, but I thought I would send
these comments beforehand to see if anybody disagrees with this


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