Re: Draft of the executive summary of the workshop on the mobile web in developing countries

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> Excellent, this captures the whole workshop beautifully.

Agree in general.

A couple more minor comments. I think what we found was a lack of data  
about what the phones deployed are really capable of - we know the bottom  
end just do voice/SMS, that there are some that have an onboard WAP 1  
browser and can't handle more, that there are more that are capable of  
running something like Opera Mini (i.e. can have new software installed).

It would be good to have some rough numbers (ideally by region on this),  
to better understand what the needs and value of various approaches to  
improve the situation might be. This goes to the question Dinesh asked me  
about whether a browser can run on SMS, to which I replied that we haven't  
seen a market for one that could...



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