Draft of the executive summary of the workshop on the mobile web in developing countries

Dear Participants of the Workshop on the Mobile Web in Developing Countries,

As i told you during the last session of the workshop, i wrote a kind of 
summary of the workshop and the discussion we had at the end.
Before i make this summary official, i wanted to offer participants some 
times to comment it.
It is at http://www.w3.org/2006/07/MWI-EC/exec_summary.html
So please send your comments privately or publicly by the end of this 
week, so that i would be able to publish it next monday.
I'm in the process of compiling all the minutes and i will put them 
online soon.
I will also publish the latest version of presentations by the end of 
this week, and link them from the agenda.

For now, in order to ease further discussion, i created a public-mailing 
list to which you have been registered.
this list is public-mwi-ec@w3.org
It is archived and publicly available at 
Feel free to ask me to remove you from the distribution list if you 
prefer so. You would still be able to read the archives.

For all information on W3C Mailing-list management, read 
Feel free to forward the information on this mailing-list to anyone who 
might be interested.

Best Regards
Stephane Boyera

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