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Fwd: TPAC2013 in Shenzhen, China (18-22 November)

From: Dave Lewis <dave.lewis@cs.tcd.ie>
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2013 16:14:36 +0000
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Hi Guys,
In Prague and subsequently for the EU project we were discussing 
potential locations for the final MLW-LT event. We initially ruled out 
TPAC because we thought it would be too early in the year, but now its 
announced as much later and importantly in China. Though this would be a 
stretch resource-wise should we consider doing something here?

We'd probably need to recruit a local Chinese partner in the interim to 
really make this work.


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Subject: 	TPAC2013 in Shenzhen, China (18-22 November)
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From: 	Ian Jacobs <IJ@W3.org>
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Dear AC Representatives, AB, TAG, and Chairs,

We are pleased to announce dates and location for:

     TPAC 2013
     18-22 November
     Shenzhen, China

We extend our thanks to Tencent, who will be exclusive Host of this event.

There are many details that the event team (W3C and Tencent) will be working out over the upcoming weeks, including information
about visas, and additional events that will take place in association with TPAC 2013. We will keep you informed and put all details
on the TPAC 2013 site (not yet available).

If you have questions, you may contact me or the Site Manager of the new Beihang Host, An Qi Li <angel@w3.org>.

We look forward to our first TPAC in Asia!

Ian Jacobs, Head of W3C Communications

Ian Jacobs (ij@w3.org)    http://www.w3.org/People/Jacobs/
Tel:                                      +1 718 260 9447
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