[All] last call planning

Hi all,

today I discussed W3C internally the need for another last call. It 
seems that even changes like the regex issue-67 won't need that. Same 
for the "case insensitive match" change for domain issue-102: after all 
we replied to a last call comment for the change, and they require minor 
changes in implementations.

That leaves us with unresolved comments (e.g. NIF related), and three 
topic areas: ruby, directionality, and disambiguation vs. term.

In addition, I learned that a delay with another last call would not be 
too bad, since we have a buffer of a long testing phase anyway. But 
given the comments we have on the plate, the delay might not be needed. 
We will see.

This closes



Received on Monday, 28 January 2013 17:25:45 UTC