[All] Rome poster info

Hi all,

in Prague we discussed the Rome posters and the review in Luxembourg. A 
small summary.

Important topics for most of the posters are:
- what systems are connected?
- what metadata plays a role and for what benefit, see

Other points:
- It is possible that we will re-use the posters for the review in 
Luxembourg, at the moment just FYI.
- It is important to have on the poster a link to the online demo or a 
download place for your module(s). Do you all think that by the Rome 
workshop you will have the online demo ready? If not, please let me know 
- In Prague we discussed that posters should be interconnected. Attached 
is the Excel I had created on the fly with connections. Some are missing 
or you may want to change them; please update the Excel and send to this 
list. FYI, Arle has an action to create a visual indicator to 
demonstrate the connections
and I will nudge you about posters drafts end of February



Received on Friday, 25 January 2013 10:36:25 UTC