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Best practices for Multilingual Linked Open Data (W3C Multilingual Web Workshop, Rome, 2013.)

From: Dominic Jones <Dominic.Jones@scss.tcd.ie>
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2013 13:28:54 +0000
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Dear All. 

I draw your attention to the below breakout session being held as part of the W3C Multilingual Web Workshop, Rome, March 12-13th 2013. I'd ask you to forward this mail to anyone who you think may be interested in attending or if you wish to attend you can find registration details below. Feel free to email me any queries you may have. 

Best Regards.


(Apologies for multiple postings)

Requirements Gathering: Best practices for Multilingual Linked Open Data (BP-MLOD), as part of the W3C Multilingual Web Workshop, Rome, 2013. (http://www.multilingualweb.eu/en/documents/rome-workshop/rome-lod)



Across a number of talks, over the last few years, the concept of Best Practices for Multilingual Linked Open Data (BP-MLOD) has re-appeared time and time again. As part of the W3C Multilingual Web Workshop, Rome, 2013, a breakout session will be held with the specific task of gathering a common set of requirements for implementing best practices in MLOD. The target for this session is to crowd-source ideas from the community regarding BP-MLOD. A number of short, lightning presentations will be given, followed by an open discussion with a shared common output. A high level overview of this output will be presented back to the MLW community during the conference. The aim, post-conference, being to produce and publish (via the W3C Multilingual Web portal www.multilingualweb.eu) a reference white paper based on the output of the breakout session.


	• Resource naming: Opaque URIs, meaningful URIs, IRIs in MLOD.
	• Labelling and multilingual lexical information.
	• Multilingual vocabularies: Internationalization and localization of ontologies.
	• Particularities of non-western languages.
	• MLOD and localization applied across workflows and different formats.


The structure of the session will be a number of 5 minute talks each presenting high-level ideas, concepts and discussion points. The idea is that speakers present their own views, targeted at developing a discussion around BP-MLOD. Slides will be automatically timed and the discussion will be purposefully high level. Eight speakers will present their views, these being:

	• Gordon Dunsire, “Multilingual bibliographic standards in RDF: the IFLA experience”, Independent Consultant; Chair of IFLA Namespaces Technical Group (Remote speaker).
	• Ivan Herman, “Towards Multilingual Data on the Web?” Semantic Web Activity Lead, W3C.
	• Jose E. Labra, “Patterns for Multilingual LOD: an overview”, University of Oviedo, Asturias, Spain.
	• Dave Lewis, “XLIFF workflow and Multilingual Provenance in Linked Data”, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.
	• Charles McCathie Nevile, Web Standards, Yandex.
	• Roberto Navigli, "BabelNet: a multilingual encyclopedic dictionary as LOD", Sapienza University of Rome, Italy.
	• Haofen Wang, “The state of the art of Chinese LOD development”, APEX labs, China Zhishi.me
	• Daniel Vila, “Naming and Labeling Ontologies in the Multilingual Web”, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain.


Following on from the presentations a high level overview of the topics and discussion will be formed in a shared document. Contributions from attendees, not just speakers, are a very important part of this process. Speakers provide the starting point for a continued audience-led discussion. This discussion will form the basis for a presentation back to the MLW community and subsequent publication as a white paper on the Multilingual Web homepage. Contributors will be invited to have on-going input into the publication process.

Attendance at the breakout session is included as part of the registration for the Multilingual Web Workshop via the main workshop webpage:www.multilingualweb.eu/en/documents/rome-workshop/rome-cfp For more information on the session please contact Dominic.Jones@scss.tcd.ie
Dominic Jones | Research Assistant 
KDEG, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.
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