ITS2 comments handling

(Apologies for cross posting)

Hi all,

you have seen several comments from the i18n WG coming on on the 
comments list, and a PDF from the W3C india office that contains 
comments too.

For these and all other comments, Dave / David / I will create issues in 
our tracker. They will then show up at

But: naturally there is a delay since we are doing that manually. So 
please don't wait with replying to comments, like Mārcis did today. The 
main point is to get the discussion going. Once we have a feeling for 
consensus, the co-chairs will ask the commentor(s) if they agree. For 
cases like the i18n WG with several comments, we might do that in a 
batch to safe time.

Also, if comments come with people or mailing lists in CC, please keep 
these in CC. This again will safe us time.



Received on Thursday, 17 January 2013 09:47:32 UTC