[All] last call comment handling

Hi all,

we now have quite a number of new LC comments, see
to speed up the comments handling: if you have thoughts, could you reply 
to the original comments mail on the
lists, with the issue number on the mail subject

Here are some ideas about who could contribute to the discussion:
issue-68 disambiguation vs. term: we have implementers Enlaso, Tilde, UL 
and JSI engaging in the two data categories. So your thoughts would be 
quite helpful

issue-69, issue-70, issue-77: everybody implementing global rules (for 
issue-77 the HTML implementers)

issue-71 (annotatorsRef): implementers of mt-confidence (DCU, Enlaso, 
Tilde) and terminology / disambiguation (see above)

issue-72 (provenance): enlaso, linguaserve, TCD, UL

issue-73 (nif comments): I will try to reply

issue-74: esp. Dave / David or others interest in explanatory material

issue-75 (domain): DCU, Enlaso, JSI, Linguaserve, Moravia, UL. This data 
category has a lot of implementors. So if we make changes here it will 
influence many people, test etc.

issue-76 ("inconsistency"): people interest in quality types, e.g. Phil 
/ Arle?

Note that you can
1) accept the comment
2) rejcect it, but then we need an explanation why.
If you go for 1), please take the timing needed for making changes to 
the spec and implementations into account.



Received on Friday, 11 January 2013 09:28:25 UTC