[All] Luxembourg prep call Friday, 1 p.m. UTC

Hi all,

I didn't hear any comments on
so I assume that the agenda is fine  for everybody. Tomorrow, that is
please join IRC and gotomeeting as usual, see

We will go through the agenda and cover demonstrations (1) - 
demonstrations (2). Please show your slides / demos *briefly* and 
summarize what you would say.
This will be 11 slots. Since we only have a 2 hour call, that is max *10 
min per slot*.

Goal of the dry run:
- Provide feedback on presentations. People listening to the 
presentations / demos please type feedback on IRC, since we won't have a 
lot of time to discuss.
- Provide feedback on review structure in general, other issues.

Tomorrow we will not cover:
- Executive Summary
- Outreach for the MultilingualWeb (Arle Lommel)
- Project management issues, future plans detailing changes, risks, 

I will prepare that early next week and send it around for you to comment.



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