Re: ISSUE-110: Draft note

Am 22.02.13 15:54, schrieb Jirka Kosek:
> On 22.2.2013 14:55, Felix Sasaki wrote:
>> I didn't see any disagreement with this - do you want to go ahead and
>> make the edit?
> I already made edit as was agreed during the teleconference.

Ah, ok, sorry, I didn't see that - I only saw the commit for issue-111 at

>> Thanks also for the edit for issue-111. Just one thing: please update
>> the change log - a lot of edits are ahead of us, without the log we will
>> loose track of changes.
> Do we really want to track such small informative changes?
Yes - it will make our (well, my life) when moving out of last call much 


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