Re: mismatch of html translate and ITS translate

Hi Karl,

one process thing: please keep the www-international list in the loop, 
since the i18n guys will need to look into the issue too. One comment below.

Am 22.02.13 10:27, schrieb Karl Fritsche:
> On 22.02.2013 10:16, Jirka Kosek wrote:
>> On 22.2.2013 6:55, Felix Sasaki wrote:
>>> What would your preference be for resolving this:
>>> - asking HTML5 to change its semantics
>> I think that HTML5 spec should be changed and attributes should be
>> removed from translation. Or as a compromise only title and alt
>> attributes should be considered as translateable.
>>             Jirka
> The Problem in HTML5 is, you don't have any option to allow 
> translation of attributes.

But where do you need this, except title and alt?

> We can use rules, but this doesn't exists in HTML5. Thats why they 
> using this behavior, I think.

Actually implementations don't use this - I checked the online MT 
translation systems that do HTML translation, and they don't translate 

> And to say some attributes are considered to be translatable and 
> others not, would be very confusing. Specially what are you doing with 
> data-* attributes - are they are translatable or not? Thats why I 
> think they considered everything as translatable and the translation 
> software should handle this. 

So you are saying we should disalign ITS XML "translate" versus HTML 
"translate"? What will happen then for workflows like with Linguaserve, 
who do XML processing of XHTML files as part of their workflow chain?



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