RE: ACTION-447: Make a batch transformation of the test suite to xliff

All good points Felix,

see inline...

> OK ... but in the example below Fredrik said that Okapi specifies 
> keywords to be translatable as a default. Can we expect that this is a default 
> for all HTML filters?

That's what we have in our default currently (after all keywords are translatable...)
But it should be whatever the WG decide should be the default rules.

> And related: Fredrik wrote "One of the default global html5 rules (in Okapi) 
> specifies <meta name="keywords"…’s content to be translatable". 
> Is this really a global rule (which somebody who knows where it is stored 
> could modify), or a default, non ITS rules based processing?

In our case it's a real rule.
(See we have actually 2 sets: the 'strict' one is used for running the test cases)

But does it matter? The bottom line is that the behavior of a processor that says "I support the HTML5 default rules" is the same, whether it is realized by internal rules or hard-coded statements.

> Also, would the link be to a rules file in the spec or in the wiki 
> (so that more easily it could be updated)? For the need to do that see e.g. 
> here: HTML5.1 will have new elements, e.g.
> and we state we are covering HTML5 or its sucessor with ITS2.

Mmm... I guess it should be in the BP which can be updated.

> Also ... in the example below two data categories are processed by 
> Okapi: Translate and Domain. What do we expect from a tool that 
> only implements domain, with regards to the defaults of data 
> categories not being implemented?

They just ignore the rules they don't implement, just like for any other rules file.

> And asking again (I may have missed the answer, in that case sorry 
> for that): why was this not needed for ITS 1.0? See
> ("what I still don't get" part).

My (current) 2 cents:

We never dealt with HTML in the ITS 1.0 specification.
The reference to the XHTML rules is just an 'example', like for DITA, TEI, DocBook, etc.

In 2.0 an ITS processor that support HTML5 is currently only having a very limited expected behavior (id, lang, etc.) but there is nothing in the specification saying for example that title attributes are translatable.

Sure we can say each filter has to complement the 'raw' behavior with its own set of pre-defined rules. But such rules affect how local markup will be processed. So we would end up with a single HTML5 document marked up with ITS info that will have two different outputs with two different tools as each tools would set its own defaults.
By providing at least a default set of rules to complement the 'raw' behavior, we provide the authors with at least a base for their local markup.


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