RE: Issue-55: RE: ACTION-447: Make a batch transformation of the test suite to xliff

For this one:

> - If we just put the result of termInfoPointer, termInfoRef and termInfoRefPointer 
> in comment and let the user deal with URI vs text: how can that be processed by an 
> ITS-only tool? You cannot have a global rule like this:
> <its:termRule selector="//mrk[@mtype='term']" term='yes'
> termInfoPointer="@comment" termInfoRefPointer="@comment"/> The comment attribute can be either but not both.

How about we use comment for text (i.e. from termInfoPointer)
and its:termInfoRef for URI (i.e. from termInfoRef or termInforefPointer)?

That way there is a clear distinction between the two types of information.

that still doesn't solve mapping the text info back into the original document, but it's a small progress.


Received on Thursday, 21 February 2013 13:53:43 UTC