[All] high level use cases doc and wiki link

Hi all,

I am wondering whether we should make our wiki editable by everybody 
with a W3C account, and have a link from the high level use cases doc at
(will be life next week)
to a wiki page.

Rationale: The usage scenarios will soon be out of date: implementations 
will evolve, usage scenarios change etc. So having a link from the 
introduction at
to the wiki will allow us to keep info up to date. And if the wiki is 
public write, we can gather a community around it.

If we do that, me may also want to do it for other to be published "BP" 

Now, one more thought is: should this be the MLW-LT wiki - or should we 
move to the (these days rarely used) ITS IG wiki?

The good thing about the ITS IG wiki
is that everybody can join already. The bad thing is that ... it's 
"dead". So if we go above route, which wiki to use?



Received on Wednesday, 20 February 2013 22:57:45 UTC