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That's what I was doing Des but it doesn't work - at least on Windows.


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Arle, and all

Office 2010 and later will allow you to save your Powerpoint document as 
PDF via the Save As  option.   You should be able to select PDF from the 
drop down list of file types.


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Hi all,

Just as a note. Phil reported trouble printing to PDF. Note that the 
PowerPoint template is actually A0 sized (i.e., life sized) and so will 
not properly print to a PDF on A4 paper. If you have trouble printing to 
PDF, please send me your file and I can make a PDF here, although I may 
run into issues if you use any fonts I don't have.

I am not sure on Windows how to set up the print-to-PDF option to support 
A0, but on the Macintosh I can also assist anyone who might want help in 
doing it. It is not terribly difficult.



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