RE: Sample XLIFF files decorated with ITS 2.0 markup

Thanks Dave. that was the file I was mentioning.

I didn't looked inside that file before.

I did just now: It's not a valid XLIFF document.
It looks like a bunch of Okapi generate <file> elements (with additional tags not coming from Okapi) that have been pasted together. It's missing the <xliff> element itself, and some user-define namespaces declaration.


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Hi all,
David's guys were testing with this monster testfile which they generated with a recent (but probably not latest) version of OKAPI - basically its most of the test suite converted into XLIFF concatenated together. Yves, Frerik would give you something more up to date, but this might be usful in the mean time 9Yves is away for a week now i think).


On 07/02/2013 16:14, Felix Sasaki wrote:
> Hi Arle, Mārcis, all,
> AFAIF Okapi is creating XLIFF files in this use case 
> gh_level_summary#Translation_Package_Creation
> from the list in that section, everything what you want Mārcis would 
> be used - but Fredrik and Yves can confirm. The only exception is 
> language information, but here you might use xml:lang natively in 
> XLIFF anyway? So maybe you can convince Yves and Fredrik to generate 
> XLIFF with the test suite files in a batch job, and you have your 
> sample? Just an idea.
> Best,
> Felix
> Am 07.02.13 17:04, schrieb Mārcis Pinnis:
>> Hi All,
>> We would also like to know whether there are XLIFF+ITS examples.
>> We are interested in seeing Terminology, Language Information, 
>> Domain, Elements Within Text and Locale Filter examples (if there are 
>> any).
>> Best regards,
>> Mārcis ;o)
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>> Subject: Sample XLIFF files decorated with ITS 2.0 markup
>> I just received a request from Alan Melby of the BYU Translation 
>> Research Group (TRG) for some sample (real) translation data in XLIFF 
>> format decorated with ITS 2.0 markup. Is there anything publicly 
>> available as sample data of this nature? The goal is to see some real 
>> data with at least a few ITS 2.0 categories in the data so Alan 
>> Melby’s team can get a view of it in a practical setting. Bigger data 
>> sets would be better, but even small ones of a few dozens of segments 
>> would be useful.
>> Best,
>> -Arle

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