RE: [All] proposed wiki content changes, please review by 14 February

Hi Felix,

All deletions ok with me.

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Subject: [All] proposed wiki content changes, please review by 14 February

Hi all,

as part of preparing for our review, I have looked into the main part of our homepage: the wiki. Below is a list of proposed changes. I will implement them 15 February: next week Friday. Please let me know if you have comments. At Yves: question 6) is for you (drupal page).



Propose to change this page:
like this:
- delete test suite tracking section
- delete all content at
except the link to the use cases page

2) Mark
as out of date and not to be updated anymore

3) Delete

4) Move content of
to a related BP document page - which one?

5) Delete
it's taken up in the requirements document

6) Is
still needed?

7) Delete
text is in spec

8) Delete
it's in the use cases and requirements part

9) Where to use

10) Delete

11) Mark as
as not worked on currently

12) Link

13) Use
in BP document?

14) Delete
is in press release

15) Delete

16) Use
in a BP?

17) Delete

17) Delete
just links to
see above

18) Use
in a BP document

19) What to do about

20) Delete
both already in

21) Have
in a BP document?

22) Delete

23) Delete
not needed?

24) Delete
not needed?

25) Delete
not needed?

26) What to do about

27) What to do about

28) Delete
covered by

29) Delete

30) Delete

30) Delete

31) Delete
already in EU pages


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