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Important: Implementors, meeting M4 & M5

From: Dominic Jones <Dominic.Jones@scss.tcd.ie>
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2013 10:33:56 +0000
Message-Id: <8D2EE967-F72E-42CD-ABE5-CFC14B7E92E3@scss.tcd.ie>
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Dear Implementors.

An update on Milestones 4 and 5. For milestone 4 we see meeting this deadline as being able to demo your ITS conformant application at the Rome showcase. Being able to show ITS 2.0 mark-up being processed by Rome is key in meeting M4. So please focus, as we are beginning to do, on your forward facing applications.

For Milestone 5, we pass this milestone by breaking 80% in the "Current coverage: 485 tests successfully run (58%)" value, shown in the Test Suite Dashboard page (link below).  You'll notice we're at 58%, that's great, but we need to break 80%! I really don't want to miss this milestone ;) Important to note with regard to M5 please confirm a link to a downloadable or re-usable version of your implementations(s) at


This allows us to show how our conformance testing is closely related to, and dependant upon, the deployment of your implementation in real-world use-case-based scenarios. 

Any queries or questions just drop me a mail. 

Best Regards. 


Dominic Jones | Research Assistant 
KDEG, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.
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