[all] Call for consensus on specialRequirements

Hi all,

please find attached my suggestion for a first draft for the specialRequirements data category.

Since we could not agree on an approach towards a regular expression based solution for the forbiddenCharacters attribute,
I have opted to rather include the simple approach based on enumeration of forbidden chars by means of Unicode Codepoints.

The draft includes the following attributes for the specialRequirements data category:

·         specialRequirementsMaxStorageSize

·         specialRequirementsStorageEncoding

·         specialRequirementsForbiddenChars

I have based the draft on this template:


Since I could not figure out, how to create anchors in Word, the document-internal links are not fixed yet. However, external links to provided examples should be OK (hopefully).

This is my first its data category draft...so please take a close look! ;-)



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