[All] Strategic Research Agenda - provide input by 15 September

Forwarding a mal from Georg Rehm (DFKI / META-NET).

Dear all,

More than two years in the making, META-NET's first version of the
Strategic Research Agenda for Multilingual Europe 2020 (SRA) was published
today. This document is the result of a discussion between hundreds of
experts from research and industry. The main purpose of the SRA is to raise
awareness for the field of Language Technology in Europe and attract the
attention of and inform politicians and policy makers on the regional,
national and international level in their decisions, especially with regard
to the upcoming European funding opportunities "Horizon 2020" and
"Connecting Europe Facility".


With this message we'd like to invite you to download the document from


1. Please let us know if it meets the needs outlined above.

2. We need more quotes from research and especially industry
representatives! Do you have an opinion on multilingual Europe and our SRA?
Please send it to us! Do you support and endorse the SRA and our strategic
plans? Please let us know! Both short and quick messages and longer
contributions are very much appreciated!

3. If you have interesting data, convincing figures or numbers for certain
market areas that might be a good fit for the SRA and that would strengthen
the message, please send them to us!

4. In Chapter 7 you'll find our suggested three Priority Research Themes
and also the idea of setting up a European service platform for Language
Technologies. For this current version we decided not to name the Priority
Research Themes and the European service platform. Can you think of good
and convincing names that would work as a kind of international brand for
the theme or platform? Please send us your ideas!

5. Feel free to forward this message to any interested colleagues who might
provide fruitful comments and insights with regard to the finalisation
process of the SRA.

Please send your feedback to georg.rehm@meta-net.eu (with the subject
"META-NET SRA: feedback") by September 15, 2012. All feedback will be
reviewed for the final version of the SRA, to be published in November 2012.

Thank you very much for your help and support!

Best regards, on behalf of the META Technology Council,

Hans Uszkoreit and Georg Rehm


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vision of one single digital market and information space (
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European countries. It is partially supported by the 7th Framework
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European countries as an important stakeholder with regard to the
multilingual European information society. Apologies if you've received
this message more than once.

The META Technology Council:

Felix Sasaki
DFKI / W3C Fellow

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