Re: [All] question to implementors (Re: [ACTION-155] (related to [ISSUE-16]) parameters for rules)

On Sun, 2012-07-08 at 18:09 +0200, Felix Sasaki wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have no objections against the latest proposal from Jirka if we get
> a clear statement that 
> "implementation MUST support its:param"
> is no issue, for all implementors in the group. I know that some (e.g.
> David Filip) are thinking of just wrapping okapi tools for at least
> some ITS processing, but for the others I'm not sure. So I would
> propose to close this by asking TCD, DCU, Moravia, Cocomore,
> Linguaserve, VistaTec, Lucy Software to confirm that they will
> implement this. Would that be OK for everybody?

1) I want to point out that the current proposal for its:param:

<its:param name='myParam'>default value</its:param>

limits default parameter values to string objects, not numbers,
booleans, or node sets. That's not necessarily a problem. I just
want to point it out so everybody is aware.

2) libxml2 does provide functions to bind variables to an XPath
context outside of a host language like XSLT. Unfortunately, it
doesn't expose those functions in the Python bindings, which is
what I'm using.

I'm working on a patch for libxml2, but it will take some time to
get it reviewed, integrated, and released. We should not block on
me. I'll get it implemented, just perhaps a bit later.

3) For the sake of interoperability, I think we should clearly
dictate that the only variables that may be bound or referenced
are those declared with its:param within the same its:rules.

4) I believe the current proposal is that XPath 1 is the default
selection language, but that different languages may be specified.
The notion of variable binding is tied to the selection language.
We should probably say something about how its:param interacts
with alternate selection languages.

Shaun McCance
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