Re: [ISSUE-33] Re: Input for ACTION-139 (Check options for test suite design) and ACTION-145 (Think about a round tripping test suite data package)

Hi Felix,
Yes we are happy to  implement the test suite as per the LT-Web plan, 
your extended ITS1.0 scripts are a good start.

We'll be looking at this in more detail week after next and will post 
some summaries and suite implementation options for discussion towards 
the end of July as the data category list firms up.

it would be good to have a couple of the more mature implementation to 
volunteer to liaise with us late august to make sure the test suite is 
usable for them before the September meeting, and then yes, we should 
definitely nail this down at that meeting.


On 04/07/2012 06:08, Felix Sasaki wrote:
> I think we need a volunteer to answer this question. LT-Web hat on: 
> that would be TCD's deliverable. Would you or probably somebody else 
> from TCD have the resources to explore the test suites issues? WRT my 
> action items, for the package I think we need input from the working 
> group, but there needs to be somebody who gathers that input.
> If TCD will work on this, would the test suite design a suitable topic 
> for the September meeting?

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