Re: ACTION-147: Write something for option a) of rdf conversion, plus XSLT

Hi Felix, Fabien, all, 
@Fabien, except for point n°1, you can ignore the rest of the mail 

> > Maxime wrote:
> > - Now that we have a XSLT stylesheet based transformation, we may specify the GRDDL profile and register it. A link to this profile SHOULD be added to the output XML file, so that triples may be automatically extracted from it see this short introduction to GRDDL:
> Felix wrote:
> I don't know the GRDDL process, I'm afraid - Is it possible to register a cascade of stylesheets? See also
> I am using three stylesheets, and one of them just generates an intermediate one ... that's the price for the general approach.

That's a question I directly forward to Fabien (in at. of this mail), I don't know very well the GRDDL process neither... 

> > - you might want to specify the datatype of 'yes/no' (its:yesOrNo ?), depending on the resolution of ISSUE-30
> Can you show me how that would look like, given the attached RDF/XML file?

Depending on the name of the datatype that is chosen for the XSD document, and its location:
<rdf:Description rdf:about ="...">
 <its:translate rdf:datatype="">yes</its:translate>
same for its:locNoteType and others... ?

> > - For CMS content, it might be useful to define the relative path starting from the element that has a certain id or a certain idValue attribute ?
> > e.g., something like
> >[@id=X]/.. .) or
> >[@idValue=X]/.. .)
> Not sure if I understand - what do you mean by "for CMS content"?

never mind, as the transformation may be applied on any XML document, and the charter considers only content that is generated from XML documents, this is enough

> Another issue is that if the input is not an HTML flavor but general XML, the processor doesn't know about the datatypes of the nodes.

Then if the document is general XML, nodes should be valid XHTML or else the document might be not valid right ?

Another point: shouldn't you define xmlns:its="" (its:translate resolved as instead of xmlns:its="" (its:translate resolved as


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