RE: action-374 test cases distribution

Hi Felix, all,

> - No. 26 "Values of attributes which corresponds to data categories with a 
> predefined set of values MUST be matched case-insensitively." 
> We had discussed this before, see this thread
> I think we would need a test case for this or several ones, e.g. ITS 2.0 
> implementations should process HTML, e.g. "span" like
> <span ... its-loc-note-type="aLerT">...  
> identical to
> <span ... its-loc-note-type="alert">
> Thoughts and volunteers?

I can do this. I'll modify some test files to reflect the MUST.

> - No. 36 "Implementations MUST NOT combine lists of language 
> ranges from multiple rules or local attributes.": Not needed IMO

I agree. I'm not sure why we have this clause too. it's basically like all the other data categories.

> - No. 38 " A required idValue attribute. It contains an XPath expression 
> which constructs a string corresponding to the identifier of the node to 
> which this rule applies. The identifier MUST be unique at least within the document.
> If the attribute xml:id is present or id in HTML for the selected node, 
> the value of the xml:id attribute or id in HTML MUST take precedence over 
> the idValue value.": Yves



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