Re: The word is out

Hi Arle,
That sounds very encouraging - any more details you can share?

Note I've already got email back from WeLocalise, Symantec, Spartan 
Software Inc and XTM that they will look at the draft and provide 
feedback. Nieves, Felix, it might be worth tracking such 
acknowledgements on your spreadsheet so we can prioritize who to remind 
with individual emails nearer the close date.


On 11/12/2012 19:16, Arle Lommel wrote:
> I learned via Facebook connections that some very senior and knowledgeable people in the localization industry are taking ITS 2.0 very seriously and reviewing it. I'm not talking about techies we've never heard of but some of the absolutely best-known figures in the field. So the word is out and we are getting good attention.
> -Arle

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