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Hi Felix and colleagues,

Table entries (in 

  9 and 19 are identical,
15, 16 and 17 are identical,
20 and 21 are identical,
28 and 29 are identical
32, 33 and 34 are identical
44, 45 and 46 are identical
47 and 48 have identical "statement" text, while 47 refers to " Testing 
provided by" Implementations of ID Value in HTML whereas 48 refers to 
Testing provided by Implementations of ID Value in XML. Is this correct?
49 and 50 are identical
51, 52 and 53 are identical
58, 59, 60 and 61 are identical.

Couldn't we simplify the table somewhat by:
EITHER simply listing both (or all 3, and in one case all 4) numbers in 
the leftmost column,
OR AT LEAST replacing the identical content in the cases after the 
first, by text something along the lines of "same as __")?
As things stand a quarter of the table is identical.

I'm suggesting this not only to simplify overview, but also to help make 
sure that if and when changes/corrections are needed, these then match 
for cases where they should and no small but potentially viscous 
differences sneak in.

until later,
olaf-michael (omstefanov)

On 2012-12-10 13:54, Felix Sasaki wrote:
> Hi all,
> action-329 (list of RFC 2119 statements) is done, see
> the formatting of the statements still needs fixing, but I think the 
> idea is clear. More on the call today.
> Best,
> Felix

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