Re: [agenda+] topics for monday's WG call

Hi Dave,

thanks a lot for this. Some comments below.

On 2012-12-06 14:12, Dave Lewis wrote:
> Hi Felix, all,
> Some items of future planning that we should start discussing on the
> monday WG call:
> 1) Tidying up requirements documentation: i think it would be worth
> just adding some further structure the the requirements at:
> to separate out the requirements that were actually met in the spec
> (with data category references) and those that were not in a form 
> that
> could be pick up easily by future ITSers

We might consider to
- make a "real usage case and requirements document" out of
since it use cases here map 1:1 to implementations, and
- for the rest of the requirements that are not covered by the 
It would basically mean to make an easy to read text out of
and could also help our preparation for Rome.
The requirements document
is IMO in many areas "far away" from how the actual implementations 
have developed. That's OK, but for publishing a useful requirements and 
UC doc, it might make sense to use
as a start.

> 2) Planning breakdown of best practice work in 2013. We have a number
> of seeded activities that could be turned into valuable best 
> practice,
> including:
> a) the EU project deliverables:
> b) use case demonstrations:

I would definitely replace the b) link with
it is OK to provide detailed info in addition, but we should IMO start 
from a high level umbrella and get this done well.

> c) the ITS/XLIFF mapping

This depends also on the latest state in the XLIFF TC. Maybe we can get 
an update on that before the Monday call by some of you guys directly 

> d) process definitions and create/read/update/delete mapping to ITs
> annotations

Not sure if we should do this. Or to put it differently: we are not 
forced to do any of the items mentioned in the mail. We just should see 
which item gets "many" volunteers to actually work on .

> 3) scheduling some wiki tidying, removing unused pages etc




> cheers,
> Dave

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