Re: Test Suite update

Hi Leroy, taking the main MLW-WG list into the loop.

thanks a lot for all your work.

It is unusal in the W3C process that a group is starting test suite work in
such an early stage, but it's great to have that work moving forward.
Thanks a lot to you and Leroy for this.

If nobody disagrees by monday, I will also add a link to the test suite in
the "status of this document section"
of the draft, so that people outside of the group are aware of this.



2012/8/24 Leroy Finn <>

> Dear All,
> I will be have created the test files for the following data categories
> and should be publishing them on the test suite web page (located here
> by Monday evening.
> The data categorises that will be added by Monday evening (27th August) are
> as follows:
>    - Disambiguation(not finalised in draft yet according to yesterdays
>    call)
>    - Target Pointer
>    - Id value
>    - Preserve space
> Next week I will be working on the following data categories:
>    - Localization Quality Issue
>    - Localization Quality Précis
> Again any helpful pointers or mistakes found test suite page would be much
> appreciated. Any questions on the test suite or any problems just ask me.
> Thanks,
> Leroy Finn

Felix Sasaki
DFKI / W3C Fellow

Received on Friday, 24 August 2012 15:29:28 UTC