Re: [ISSUE-34] More in mixing profiles

Hi Yves,

I was hoping you would say that :-) 


On Aug 8, 2012, at 14:26 , Yves Savourel <> wrote:

> Hi Arle, all,
> The solution of putting several entries inside a single attribute seems, to me, to have a lot more cons than pros.
> -   The notation is very easy to break (e.g. escaped characters)
> -   You need to synchronization the number and order of the parts, for example deleting the part N of one attribute forces you to also delete the part N in other attributes.
> -   The solution forces a complex parsing of the value, not something easy to work with in XSLT or CSS.
> -   Etc.
> I would be much more in favor of using one <span> element for each entry.
> …or to simply refer to a standoff element where things could be nicely setup.
> -ys

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