Re: Quality markup sample

Ah, of course, <span /> should work.


From:   Felix Sasaki <>
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Date:   01/08/2012 16:15
Subject:        Re: Quality markup sample

2012/8/1 Yves Savourel <>
Wow… That is really pushing toward new frontiers :) N*2 levels of 
information into a single value is bound to break at some point: you can’t 
use any of the delimiters as literal for example.
I would think that if you need to apply several note to the same content 
you would use several <span> elements. It’s not nice, but it’s more common 
than doing that kind of cramming.
But overall it seems we are really trying to put inline something that is 
just not working well inline.

I agree, and my proposal just came because the inline requirement seemed 
to be mandatory. But maybe we can drop it, or use the "span" solution, ... 

From: Arle Lommel [] 
Sent: Wednesday, August 01, 2012 4:50 PM
To: Phil Ritchie

Cc: Multilingual Web LT Public List
Subject: Re: Quality markup sample
Hi Phil,
After discussing with Felix, I think we have a solution to the issue of 
multiple markup items: We would have an internal syntax to the attribute 
values using a vertical bar (|) as a delimiter, so you could see markup 
like this:
its-qualitycomment="An &lt;em> tag is missing in the target|the text 
should refer to a USB drive rather than pen drive">
The only thing you need is a pen drive
In this case the ; in qualityType would delimit between the high-level 
category and the application-specific one and the | between instances of 
values, so the blue values are a pair, and the red ones another. The 
requirement then (which I don't think can be enforced by a schema) is that 
if you have bar-delimited bits in one qualityType, you need an equal 
number in qualityComment (and vice versa), even if they are empty. For 
example, the following would be perfectly acceptable
its-qualitycomment="|the text should refer to a USB drive rather than pen 
The only thing you need is a pen drive
I.e., the qualityComment value corresponding to the red portion is empty 
and the bar marks the end of the empty portion.
I know this is cramming some structure into the values of these attributes 
that complicates them, but given the overriding and inheritance rules of 
ITS, this seems to be the best solution.
On Jul 31, 2012, at 20:44 , Phil Ritchie <> wrote:

Thanks for this Arle. Good catch on the multiple errors. I'm not familiar 
with how additive markup is achieved. Sounds like you have to end up with 
some sort of external file that has multiple pointers to the same element?


Felix Sasaki
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