Test Suite

Hi Leroy, Dom, Felix, all,

I'm starting to try to integrate the generation of the output of the test suite in our unit tests in some automated way, and I have a few questions/notes (nothing urgent):

1) This may have been answered already, sorry if I'm asking again: Do we have a naming convention between the input and output files? It seems some have "output" some have "-result", etc. It would be helpful to always use the same pattern so it can be automated in the unit tests.

2) Thanks for the zip files. It's quite helpful. But may I ask for more? :) As we will update those files in the coming months, it would be nice to have a way to do this easily. Maybe the content of http://phaedrus.scss.tcd.ie/its2.0/inputdata/ could be zipped also as one file, and so the content of http://phaedrus.scss.tcd.ie/its2.0/expected/? This would save a lot of copy/unzipping when updating files.

3) I know it's still early for this, but what will be the process for submitting the output for each application? Would it be possible to have some place-holder file (maybe with the same name as the output file) that indicate 'N/A' for the cases not supported by the tool?


Received on Tuesday, 28 August 2012 17:23:20 UTC